1. What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog aims to provide comprehensive insights, tutorials, and best practices for Atlassian products, including Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Management and other tools and plugins. Whether you’re a newbie trying to understand the basics or a seasoned user seeking advanced techniques, our articles cater to all.

2. Who writes the content for this blog?

The content is primarily written by Albert, an experienced user and enthusiast of Atlassian products. Occasionally, we also feature guest posts from industry experts and practitioners.

3. Can I request a specific topic or tutorial?

Absolutely! We’re always open to suggestions. If you’d like us to cover a specific topic or challenge, please reach out through our Contact page.

4. Are the tutorials updated with the latest Atlassian features?

Yes, we strive to keep our content updated. However, given the frequent updates by Atlassian, there might be a slight delay. We recommend constantly referring to Atlassian’s official documentation for the most recent features.

5. Do you offer any courses or webinars?

As of now, our primary focus is on written content. However, we’re considering expanding into courses or webinars in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

6. How often do you publish new articles?

We aim to publish new articles weekly. Follow us on or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

7. Can I contribute or write a guest post?

Yes, we’re open to contributions. If you have expertise in Atlassian products and would like to share your knowledge, please use the contact form where you can discuss.

8. I found an error in one of the articles. How can I report it?

We appreciate feedback and strive for accuracy. If you spot an error or have suggestions for improvement, please reach out through our Contact page.

9. Do you have any affiliations with Atlassian?

This blog is independently run and is not officially affiliated with Atlassian. However, we are passionate users and advocates of their products.

10. How can I stay updated with the latest posts and news from the blog?

The best way is to subscribe to our newsletter. Additionally, you can follow us on @Issueinsiders social media for regular updates and insights.